Nashville Landscape Design


We understand that a spectacular Landscape Design and Backyard Patio Design begins with you. It begins with a customer’s dream then we use our knowledge and experience to bring it to life. It continues with an on-site consultation where we will listen to your ideas and gather the necessary information to ignite the landscape design process. At this point, we will roll into a conceptual design to ensure our vision is aligned with yours. Once we have this groundwork laid out we will decide whether a 3-D rendering is needed to visually communicate your project or if a 2D design will do justice. Finally, we provide our landscape design and landscaping services by making any needed revisions and then we roll into the estimating phase.

As a Nashville Landscape Design Company, we understand the value of enjoyable outdoor spaces that are functional and in line with each customer’s vision. Our knowledgeable teams strive to make annual landscape maintenance worry and stress-free.

Nashville Landscape Design Process


Step 1: On-Site Consultation

We will set eyes on our canvas and begin narrowing in on your ultimate vision. We can begin discussing budget, styles, and plant/paver preferences to help us understand what is important to you. Also on this visit, we will take any necessary measurements and site pictures for us to refer to throughout the design process.

Step 2: Conceptual Design

We begin creating basic design ideas based on the information we have gathered at this point. This step will be the foundation of your final design and we consider this the most important step.

Step 3: 2D vs. 3D Design

Now we will decide on whether a 3D design will be needed or if a 2D design will suffice. 2D designs are great for covering the vision of many projects. Our 3D renderings are very in-depth and will provide you with the finest details in a realistic visualization of your future outdoor space. We will guide you in the direction we feel you need to go based on the complexity of the project.

Step 4: Design Presentation

We will now present our landscape design and/or backyard patio design and allow you to provide feedback and we can make any necessary adjustments. Once we reach the end of this step we will provide you with your final design.